Tiga Wasa

Villa Sarah Nafi is located in the municipality Tigawasa, quite a large area in the hills south of Lovina. It covers 1,690 hectares and counted 5,500 residents in 2010. The population consists mainly of Bali Aga, an ethnic community considered the original indigenous and first inhabitants of Bali. They have a specific interpretation of their Hindu religion. They also speak a language that is different from the Balinese. The residents live in modest houses scattered in the hills, there are also some villages.

The Bali Aga live from agriculture and livestock. Clove and bamboo are important sources of income. Bamboo is harvested in and around the river valleys and processed into mats, baskets and other utensils in the house. The bamboo basketry from Tiga Wasa is known throughout Bali and is said to be of extreme high quality.

A few kilometers from the villa you find the actual village of Tigawasa, situated uphill south-west, across the river Manyusuk that runs along the property. From the villa the village can best  be reached on foot (appx. 1.0-1.5 hours) or by motor/scooter (about 20 minutes). From Lovina, by the exit at Temukus just after the western gate (Dolphin gate), there is a country road into the hills that passes Tigawasa village 'centre' and continues south to Munduk and Bedugul. Walking from the villa in the direction of Tiga Wasa or downhill to Kaliasem (Lovina) you pass several small warungs (small shops) run by local families. It's fun to buy something there occasionally, and good for the local economy. They sell a basic range of products to supply the residents in the area, like water, drinks, snacks, cigarettes, soap, etc., and sometimes a simple meal.

Walking from Tiga Wasa you can also visit the Sing Sing waterfall.



  • Breathtaking vistas,
  • Surrounded by nature and rural Bali Aga life,
  • Excellent facilities and attentive staff,
  • Beautifull house in an attractive terraced garden,
  • Accomodates 1 - 4 guests,
  • Seaview Pool + decks
  • Reliable Wi-Fi
  • € 475 - € 575 per week
Villa Sarah Nafi
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