Actually, Lovina is not a town but a 12-kilometer stretch along the gray-black volcanic beach between Pemuteran and Singaraja. It includes the separate villages Pemaron, Anturan, Tukad, Mungga, Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem and Temukus. From the villa Lovina is accessible by scooter or car in about 10 minutes. The straight line distance is about 2 kilometers, but the winding road through the hills makes a detour so the distance by car/scooter is appx. 5 kilometers). Hiking enthusiasts can reach Lovina (Kalisem) by some hill-tracks and through the rural desas. You reach the beach on foot within an hour. Back uphill will take a little longer than an hour.

In Lovina Beach the tourist center is marked by a monument with a crowned dolphin on a square close to the sea. You will also find dozens of wing-proas (jukungs). Boats made from a single trunk that are still used for fishing, but in Lovina they are mainly used for snorkelling trips and to take tourists on dolphin tours, about which more below. The sea is calm and clear, the reefs just offshore offer wonderful snorkeling. There are plenty of hotels and villas to find, but tourism is still small-scale and quiet.

From the villa, Lovina is - except for a few small warungs in the vicinity of the villa - the place where you will find shops and other amenities. There are a number of ATMs, some supermarkets, a pasar for fresh food, a pharmacy and a variety of souvenir shops. There are also upmarket restaurants to simple eateries.

Every morning at sunrise (around 06.00 a.m. and better with binoculars) you can incidentally see from the verandah the curious spectacle of dolphin tourism. Dolphins forage close to shore and are the only more or less large-scale tourist attraction in Lovina. Tourists from the south come especially to Lovina, stay one night in one of the hotels on the beach and at six o'clock in the morning they are picked up by fishermen with their proas, to seek schools of dolphins. In high season, sometimes 100 or more boats sail up and down just behind the reefs, like an armada. While conservationists do make comments on this distortion of the dolphins’ breakfast, dolphin spotting exists already for decades and the animals come back every morning despite all this noisy attention.

Although there is no guarantee that you will actually see dolphins (the probability is about 80%, sometimes they stay too far away as the food supply gives cause) it remains a nice trip. The animals are marvelous, the boats touching and to be at sea at sunrise is a unique experience.

In the manual in the villa you will find more information about Lovina, shops, restaurants and the walking trails.

  • Breathtaking vistas,
  • Surrounded by nature and rural Bali Aga life,
  • Excellent facilities and attentive staff,
  • Beautifull house in an attractive terraced garden,
  • Accomodates 1 - 4 guests,
  • Seaview Pool + decks
  • Reliable Wi-Fi
  • € 475 - € 575 per week
Villa Sarah Nafi
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