Management and helpdesk

For questions about transportation, excursions, internet, mobile phones, etc. you can contact our helpdesk (in English). Manager Putu will help you and regulates all matters that the owners can't arrange remotely - from the Netherlands - and supports the employees of the villa. For defects in the house you may contact - via housekeeper Yuli or directly - the helpdesk as well. 

In the unlikely case of more complicated problems, or in the case you need urgent medical help, you may call English/Indonesian speaking (expat) help for assistance and further directions. 


  • Breathtaking vistas,
  • Surrounded by nature and rural Bali Aga life,
  • Excellent facilities and attentive staff,
  • Beautifull house in an attractive terraced garden,
  • Accomodates 1 - 4 guests,
  • Seaview Pool + decks
  • Reliable Wi-Fi
  • € 475 - € 575 per week
Villa Sarah Nafi
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