During your stay you will meet our three dedicated employees, and occasionally some of their family members as well.

Our staff consists of:

The housekeeper (pembantu rumah tangga), she cleans, makes up the beds and is a great cook and will present delicious meals on request. On request she takes care of your laundry too.  Yuli lives in the village (desa) down in the valley and is present Monday-Saturday. She speaks limited English.

The gardner (tukang kebun). He is one of the neigbours and looks after the pool and the garden. Sometimes he is joined by his wife or one or more of his children. He too works from Monday-Saturday and speaks some English.

Last but not least there is our night watchman (penjaga), who keeps an eye on the premises during the night (7/7). No way Villa Sarah Nafi is an unsafe place, but in Indonesia it is common case that villa owners employ a night watchman. You might see it as a sort of code involvement and co-ownership by the local community. And it feels good to have someone there at night.  Slamet rests at night in the bale benong (gazebo). Sometimes one of his grandchildren joins him.

Call our helpdesk for Drivers on demand for transfers to the airport or other destinations, day-trips and drop offs and pick ups for shopping or restautant visits. The helpdesk may assist you when you want to rent a self drive scooter (or car) as well.

They all will certainly contribute to a pleasant stay. Employees use the small service cottage for their duties and breaks.



  • Breathtaking vistas,
  • Surrounded by nature and rural Bali Aga life,
  • Excellent facilities and attentive staff,
  • Beautifull house in an attractive terraced garden,
  • Accomodates 1 - 4 guests,
  • Seaview Pool + decks
  • Reliable Wi-Fi
  • € 475 - € 575 per week
Villa Sarah Nafi
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